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Our policies

This second line says it all... 

Our policies are built around encouraging the use of common sense. 

But we understand this can be hard to interpret, so we've outlined a few helpful rules to follow. 

Kindness Common Sense and Humor

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy;

The SDF Collective agrees and promises to not sell, trade or transfer any personal data EVER


Start date will be on the date of initial sign up and payment will recur on the same date each month for 12 months. Members may cancel at any time for any reason during the month, and they may continue to use the facility for the remainder of their paid term. The SDF Collective will not prorate or offer refunds. Our members are not subject to cancelation fees or charges.


Membership payments are processed monthly. Members will be responsible for tracking their payment dates and acknowledge that the SDF Collective cannot take responsibility. Members are able to update their own billing information in their member account.


Late Payments;

The SDF Collective will utilize an automatic payment processing system through and members must keep an up to date credit card on file. In the case that a payment does not go through, Member agrees to be contacted by a staff member to update banking information and the account will go into a 7day grace period. If payment is still not received after 7 days, membership account will be canceled and member access will be removed. To regain access member will have to resign up.


Equipment usage;

All SDF Collective equipment is available to our members once they take, and pass, our in house certification class, offered 2x month. The certification class is free and takes approximately 1 hr to complete with a short review at the end. This process ensures safe handling and proper usage of the shared equipment. (The certification is not required to have a membership). All equipment rentals are on a first come first served basis. ALL members that would like to check out equipment must review the items before checking them out, sign for their condition, and have a credit card on file for issues of damages and missing items. In the event of missing or damaged items, the policy of the SDF Collective is to provide the repair and/or replacement cost and invoice the customer, in which they have 30 days to pay. If in the event no payment is made the SDF Collective will charge the card on file. Members understand and agree to this upon signing up for their membership. Members also understand that some equipment must be charged prior to usage and so we recommend reserving items needed prior to the day of their booking to ensure all items are ready for them. 

Availability Procedures;

The SDF Collective will do their best to ensure that the majority of all equipment, props, and spaces have as little downtime as possible for maintenance, repair or install. With that being said, member agrees to aid in this aim by respecting the equipment, not damaging SDF Collective’s property and by returning all borrowed gear in a timely manner.
Members understand that they must keep all SDF Collective property inside the facility and that it cannot be taken off the premises. 


Missing | Damaged | Fees;

Members understands that all equipment/space borrowed must be returned in the same condition. In the event that any equipment or space is returned in damaged condition, member agrees to pay 'fair market value' of the cost for repairs or replacement of equal or greater value.  These terms are agreed to at the time of member sign up. Replacement prices are subject to change. SDF Collective will send the member a letter outlining damages due via email and they have 30 days to pay the invoice. If payment is not made, their account will be temporarily suspended until payment is received


Conflict Management;

The SDF Collective acknowledges conflicts happen. In the event of any dispute the involved members agree to mediation by an SDF Collective staff member. 

Discipline- will be transparent, firm and respectful. Our guidelines are in place to ensure safety, create an enjoyable space for everyone and to protect the Collective’s mission. We will always approach members with warnings before final action must be taken. For official disciplinary actions, the offending member will be asked to meet in the main office where there will always be TWO (2) staff present (one male, one female) to discuss consequences. Two staff members will ensure accountability and offer a level of protection for the company in regard to misinformation or allegations of misconduct. 

The Collective believes in second chances and so we will operate under a 3-strike policy.
Infractions that cannot be tolerated will be asked to leave the premises for the remainder of the day. Members are welcome back, as soon as the following day, to try better behavior. After the 3rd strike Membership will be revoked. Our 3 strike policy will not include nor allow for, illicit actions or aggressive/violent behaviors, which will result in immediate removal from the space and membership cancellation. 


Expectations of Behaviors;

While we place a high value on open communication between members and the staff of the Collective, our approach to our clients is founded in a strong belief in kindness, common sense and humor. 

Kindness- We expect everyone, staff and members to treat each other with kindness and patience.
Common Sense- We expect our staff and members to treat the building with respect- if it’s not yours don’t mess with it. If it IS yours, don’t leave it unattended. Respect the common work spaces by keeping volume at a decent level. If you need help, just ask one of our staff.
Humor- We want this space to be fun! This isn’t a library so there’s no need to tiptoe around! Come, build, imagine, create! Humor is encouraged and implied in our style, approach and guidelines. A happy space is a productive space! 

All staff members reserve the right to moderate the expected behaviors within the SDF Collective building. 


Responsibility of Personal Property; 

The SDF Collective does not assume any responsibility for the personal property of the members. The SDF Collective has lockers available for daily use to the members for storage of personal property.

Members acknowledge that unattended items may be stolen, misplaced or lost and holds the SDF Collective blameless in this fact.  


Parking | Loading | Unloading;

The SDF Collective shares the parking lots behind the building with several of local businesses and cannot promise any reserved spaces to its members. Parking is on a first come first serve basis. In the event of a photoshoot where loading or unloading is required, temporary parking along the back entrance is allowed only during the process and members are required to move their vehicle to a legal parking space directly upon finishing the task of loading or unloading. If a member chooses to park illegally they do so at their own risk and financial obligation. The SDF Collective assumes no responsibility for the member’s actions either legally or financially. 


Intellectual Property;

The SDF Collective claims no rights to any created work by members within the facility. Members may tag the SDF Collective in the posted works via social media and by doing so agree to the SDF Collective reposting them for promotional purposes only. The SDF Collective will claim no ownership of reposted works from members.


Assumed Responsibility;
Although it is the goal of the SDF Collective to be aware of the projects of members, the SDF Collective cannot assume any responsibility, legally or financially, for works created by members within our facility in part or in whole.


Illegal Activities;

The SDF Collective sets these boundaries that all members must abide by;

No drugs/paraphernalia on the property. No firearms on the property. No illicit acts to be performed on the property.  No fireworks/ flames on the property. No Nudity. 

In the event that a member chooses to participate in any of these prohibited actions, Member agrees to forfeiture of their membership without refund and understand legal action may be taken against them for legal damages. All members must agree that the SDF Collective can not be held responsible for the illegal actions perpetrated by any of its members.


Computer Policies;
the SDF Collective will not permit project storage on the community computers. All personal project data must be saved to a personal external hard drive provided by the member. All data left on computers by the end of day will be deleted. The SDF Collective assumes no responsibility for any loss of work and the member understands and must agree to this. 

Personal | Community Safety;

As a multi story building, we ask all members to be aware of their surroundings both on and near our stairways. Additionally Members are asked to keep our walk paths clear of tripping hazards such as bags, purses or creative equipment. Synergy will not be held liable for issues of personal safety. In the event of small injuries,  please see the front desk for help and medical aid. We take our cleanliness and safety of our members and staff extremely seriously. Please help us in this. 

clean and ready;

As a community space we need all the help we can get, so please make sure to leave the space you use in the condition you find it (or even better!) We provide brooms and cleaning supplies in all spaces for your convenience. It is the policy of the SDF Collective that all members who reserve space for their creative or personal projects must leave the space in good and working condition for the next member. If space is left in less than appropriate condition, members agree to be charged a $40 cleaning fee. All members are required starting September 1st 2023 to have a credit card on file for issues of damages and cleanliness. We encourage you to take a video upon your arrival to help document the condition you received the space and so you can use it as a helpful guide for putting everything back the way you received it.

Bookings | Customer Sessions;

Booking usage is restricted to the times of the members bookings. Please plan your setup and tear down to be within your scheduled time. The time we schedule between bookings is for ensuring we have time to clean if the last member didn't. DO NOT show up earlier thinking you can pre-set up. We will do our best to ensure the previous booking is out on time, however, in the event of over lap, DO NOT enter the space and start setting up before the previous member is out. This is for safety and consideration. Members are allowed to host client sessions and mini sessions but starting September 1st 2023, these sessions will be restricted to 4 hrs (per booking day) included in your membership. IF you require more time we allow additional rental time at the member day rate. Multiple day sessions must be pre approved. For all customer sessions; if you would like to offer your customers refreshments at the SDFC members only snack area, there will be an additional charge, per booking day. 

Cancelation | no Show;

Life happens. We get it. But technology allows us the opportunity to be so considerate! If you're running late or plans have changed, please call the SDFC staff at 503.486.2733 or Amee at 503.799.426 so we can re-open the booking slot for another of your collective friends. If there is a no call / no show situation, we reserve the right to revoke the booking 30 mins after the start of the reservation. We do not refund, or pro-rate bookings. All we ask is you shown concern and proper time management in this shared space.  



*** All policies are subject to change and we recommend reviewing this document occasionally ***

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